Why Choose Us

We share the values of our parent company, El Seif Group.

As a company, aim for high efficiency, optimum quality and excellent budgetary oversight.  We are committed to providing the best value for our clients and our team members. 

As professional caterers, every project we take on is valued, and receives executive attention.  We don’t cut corners, we take nothing for granted, and are constantly striving to better our high standards.

Along with the rest of the Group, we are committed to train and nurture Saudi team members, and building future Saudi leaders.

As professionals, we act with responsibility for, and commitment to your business, and will ensure the needs of your brief are more than met.

The huge volume of meals we cater daily allows us to source the best ingredients at the best prices; we guarantee quality at the best prices.

Staying at the forefront of technological advances means we are always able to deliver optimum efficiency.

Coupled with our known efficiency, our clients get quality options at the best prices, on time and on budget.

Supporting Local

Allied is proudly Saudi.

We are committed to developing future Saudi leaders, helping local businesses, contributing to the Saudi economy.

We are dedicated to our local community, supporting local suppliers, buying local, and taking an active role in community responsibility.

We act with responsibility, transparency and integrity.

Our People

Allied team members are dedicated to providing and proving value. With a force of 800+ production staff, and 30+ in administration and management, we pay attention to the detail of what our clients need.

We hire specialists who are passionate about what they do, who understand that flexibility is of great value to growing businesses, and are committed to being efficient and reliable.

We are constantly hiring for growth, and we keep our teams diverse, with a focus on skills, aptitude and attitude.

Our team members receive comprehensive training to provide a professional edge, be they chef or project manager.

We hire and train Saudis, with the intent of creating a pool of future business leaders for the KSA.